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Running in the Rain with Flo Rida (What’s a Flo Rida??)

March 8, 2009 Leave a comment

So yesterday’s run was pretty terrible.  It was supposed to be four miles.  Two out and two back, looping around the neighborhood where I grew up.  I made it the first two miles, but my legs felt like they were made of marble and I barely made it that first two.  I ended up walking mile #3 and then running the rest of the way for mile #4, giving me 3 miles run and 1 mile walked.

All in all, I just felt terrible.  Haven’t had a run that bad in a while, but my schedule is completely messed up right now, so it was bound to happen.  My wife is going to the doctor this week for treatment for a rotator cuff problem that she woke up with three weeks ago.  It took a week to get in with our family doctor and then another week for the MRI appointment and then another week for the results — so this Friday, at the end of week #4, she’ll finally see the doctor who actually deals with this sort of problem.

Right now she can barely move her computer mouse, let along go to the gym with me, and part of my running plan for the spring was to help her increase her miles.  So my schedule has been completely trashed lately, which helps explain why my legs weren’t in the “right state of mind” yesterday.

Anyway, tonight I go out to run the same loop, in the dark and in the rain, and it wasn’t easy, but I finished just fine — and ahead of my recent 9 minute mile pace, in fact.

What was the different?  I have no idea, but I did have a new lead song on my iPod: “Right Round” by Flo Rida.  I have no idea who “Flo Rida” is, but I caught this song on CSI: Miami last week, and it has been stuck in my head ever since, so I downloaded it from iTunes.  I don’t listen to much rap, but I like this track.  You can see the video here:

As you might notice right away, the song uses a good portion of “You Spin Me Round (Like a Record)” by Dead or Alive, which appeared on their classic 80s album Youthquake.

For the younger kids who don’t know Dead or Alive, here’s a link to the Jessica Simpson version:

So maybe it was the music or maybe it was just running in the rain, but either way, I’d better find out who Flo Rida is, just to be safe.

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