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Welcome Spring! (Please Don’t Leave!)

March 18, 2011 5 comments

Yesterday evening, it finally happened!

What’s “it” you might be asking?

The answer is simple: the temperature snuck in the low 60s around 7:30 PM yesterday, when I was arriving home from work, and thanks to the changing of the clocks on Sunday, there was still a little bit of daylight… and when I stepped out of the car and felt that warm sun on my face, I thought:

“I have to go for a run!”

And that was “it” for me.  The official start of spring — who cares what the calendar says! — and a time to get serious about moving forward with my running program again.

It was a pretty crappy run of only a mile, but it was a run on a beautiful day, and that’s all I needed.

Welcome Spring!  Please don’t leave!

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