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Running So Far This Year

August 31, 2008 2 comments

My running this year hasn’t been terrible, it just hasn’t been consistent — and when I’m not out there on a regular basis, the runs are never as good as they could be.  The first couple back after any time off are always tough — even two or three miles is a death march and I feel terrible when I’m done.  Consistent running = better running.

Since my goal is to start running on a regular schedule again, I’ve created a 10K “program” on my Nike+ account.  If you’re not familiar with Nike+, it’s an online software program that allows you to put a sensor in your shoe to record the distance you’re running/walking.  The sensor sends the information to a receiver you hook up to your iPod Nano, which displays the data for you as you run.  At the end of your run, you can upload your stats to your account on the Nike+ website.  There you can then track your progress, make notes about the run, etc.  You can also use your account to set goals and select training programs.  All in all, this can be a great motivator.

Even though I used to be able to run 10K three or four times a week, right now I’m having trouble getting out the door to even run a couple of miles every couple of days, so this seemed like a smart program to start with.  This week, for example, only requires me to run 3 miles today, 3 miles on Tuesday, 5 miles on Thursday, and 4 miles on Sunday.

Each week the runs get a little longer, and the program also recommends doing some intervals and hill work, which I’ve never done before but think could be fun.  The maximum run in this 12 week program is 8 miles — and the most miles in a week is 25 or so.  All very do-able.

This 10K training program ends the week of November 16th.  If all goes well, I’ll then start on a 24 week marathon training program to hopefully build me past my “record” of 20 miles in a single run.  The program would end in early May… and I have a marathon in mind for May if I think I can handle it.  I’ve never run one before and the idea of running in a group isn’t exactly thrilling to me, but then again, I think it’s a great goal to aim for.  Even if I don’t run an official marathon, it would be very cool to have run 26.2 miles in a single run.

Tomorrow I’ll tell you about the new novel I’m writing, and how it’s all my wife’s fault.  😉

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